2020 Tech Events: What is Still Happening Around the Globe

With all the worldwide events cancelling due to COVID-19, what’s left in 2020? Well, you would be surprised, there is still a lot happening! The wheel of innovation never stops when technology is involved. On the other hand, it’s also a great opportunity for networking and finding new talents. Here are Startups Meet-ups and Tech Events around the globe in 2020 you should rush to!

Viva Technology

   When? June 11-13

   Where? Paris, France

About: The 3-day conference will bring together people from startups, corporates and VCs, to ignite growth and positive change. Highlights: Deeptech, Tech for planet, Diversity & Inclusion, European digital champions, mobility and Africatech. Moreover, you will certainly not be disappointed by their conferences program which will take place on 5 main stages. 

Key numbers:   

  • 13’ooo+ startups
  • 3’300+ investors
  • 2’500+ journalists
  • 125+ countries 

Ticket: They are selling early birds ticket until April 30. The following prices include the early bird discount.

  • Startup: 195€
  • Attendee: 390€
  • Premium Attendee: 1’000€
  • Investor: 590€

More pricing details here.


   When? July 28-29

   Where? Berlin, Germany

About: This meeting englobes the “Innovations and Advancements made in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics“. You will come across the latest discoveries in the industry as well as new designs. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to exchange about developments in AI with Researchers, Scientists, Technology Engineers and more.

Key numbers:   


Ticket: They are three options: academic, business and student. You’ll need to choose your ticket and register your information.

  • Academic: Speaker 810€, Poster 720€, Delegate 630€, Suite-A 1’160€, Suite-B 1’340€, Video Presentation 450€ and E-Poster 90€
  • Business: Speaker 900€, Delegate 720€, Suite-A 1’250€, Suite-B 1’430€ and Exhibitor 1’340€
  • Student: YRF 720€, Poster 630€, Delegate 540€, Suite-A 990€, Suite-B 1’170€ and E-Poster 90€

They are different benefits depending on the ticket.

More pricing details here.

UX and Digital Design Week

   When? August 10-14

   Where? London, England

About: This is an exclusive event, which allows 30 Product Designers, Entrepreneurs or UX Designers to gather together. You will have a peek on “methodologies and tools for digital systems, research and product launch or how to grow and manage successful design teams“. Moreover, topics will be discussed through presentations and workshops. On the other hand, you will have the possibility to discover the city. You will also have a final party before leaving this immersion week.

Key numbers:

  • 200+ speakers

Ticket: Limited spots. Currently, 25 out of 30 are available.

Dublin Tech Summit

   When? September 9-10

   Where? Dublin, Ireland

About: During this 2-day conference, you can connect with investors, discover project, expand your knowledge and attend great conferences. Global trends and technologies are the main subjects. In addition, more than 200 speakers from 70 different countries will debate and share their knowledge. 

Key numbers:   

  • 10’ooo+ attendees
  • 200+ speakers
  • 500+ media
  • 70+ countries 

Ticket: You get discounts for buying more than 3 tickets.

  • Attendee: 389€
  • Investor and media need to fill a form to get their ticket.

More pricing details here.

IT Arena

   When? October 2-4

   Where? Lviv, Ukraine

About: This three-day event is going to be intense with conferences from international speakers. They will discuss exponential growth, new solutions in the industry and entrepreneurship. Of course, startups from all around the world will be present as well as product managers, analysts, founders and CEO’s. 

Key numbers:   

  • 4’000+ attendees
  • 100+ speakers
  • 50+ startups 

Ticket: More pricing details here.

  • Standard: 149€
  • Senior: 199€
  • Executive: 399€

Startup Safari

  When? October 20-23

  Where? Munich, Germany

About: Startup SAFARI is 4 open doors days for startup ecosystems: startups, companies, VCs and accelerators open their doors for attendees. Participants can travel around Munich to attend either individual programs or sessions hosted by firms opening their bureau. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to network and interact with people from around the globe. Either you are a student looking for a job, an entrepreneur or an investor, you will not be disappointed.

Key numbers:   

  • 42+ locations 
  • 2’500+ participants
  • 110+ sessions

Ticket: Earlybird sessions are happening on the 16.10 and 17.10.

  • Startups: 39€
  • Students: 15€
  • Regular: 59€
  • Corporate/investor: 299€
  • Premium: 499€
  • Jobseeker: Free

More pricing details here.

Other Startup Safari happening in Germany such as Leipzig (May 28-29), Cologne (June 22), Düsseldorf (June 22) and Munich (October 20-23)

Web Summit

   When? November 2-5

   Where? Lisbon, Portugal

About: This event is your chance of networking with founders, CEO’s of technology companies, but also, startups and other businesses. Most importantly, they will all meet to answer one simple question: Where to next? More than 1200 speakers will be attending the conferences. This is one of the tech events around the globe you do not want to miss!

Key numbers:   

  • 70’000+ attendees
  • 1’200+ investors
  • 2’500+ journalists
  • 160+ countries 

The organizers also host two other tech events: Collision (Toronto) and RISE (Hong-Kong).

Ticket: You need to register in order to buy your ticket. You get a 50% discount if you pre-register for a 2 for 1. Sales are on April 23.

  • 2 for 1: 950€

Pre-register here.

Blockchain Expo – North America 2020

   When? November 4-5

   Where? Santa Clara, California

About: This event discusses the “most cutting-edge technologies”. Blockchain Expo is a 5-colocated events where you can attend expert conferences, panel discussions and case studies. In addition, the main topics are Blockchain , IoT, 5G, AI, Big Data, CyberSecurity and Cloud.

Key numbers:   

  • 9’000+ attendees
  • 500+ speakers
  • 350+ exhibitors
  • 21 conferences tracks

Ticket: There are multiple pass types with different features.

  • Free Expo Pass: 0$
  • Expo Plus Pass: 159$
  • Blockchain Gold Pass: 319$
  • Ultimate Pass: 799$

*Group booking discount with Ultimate and Gold Pass.

More pricing details here.

AI & Big Data Expo – Europe 2020

   When? November 24-25

   Where? Amsterdam, Netherlands

About: This event lets you discover AI and Big Data successful implementation. You will explore “next generation technologies and strategies” from international speakers. Above all, they will share their experience and knowledge through exhibitions and networking events.

Key numbers:   

  • 8’000+ attendees
  • 300+ speakers
  • 300+ exhibitors
  • 21 conference tracks

Ticket: There are multiple pass types with different features.

  • Free Expo Pass: 0$
  • Expo Plus Pass: 149$
  • AI & Big Data Gold Pass: 749$
  • Ultimate Pass: 899$

*Group booking discount with Ultimate and Gold Pass.

More pricing details here.

These tech events around the globe – Blockchain Expo and AI and Big Data Expo – are organised by Encore Media Group. Further, they offer other events like IoT, CyberSecurity or 5G Conferences.

There is no doubt that networking and learning from our pears is essential to our everyday work. Hopefully, you will find your pearl within these Tech Events around the globe. In other words, attending one of these events is an opportunity not to be missed in 2020! 

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