Benefits of Coworking and Why You Should Do It

There are many benefits of changing scenery and working at a coworking space. The benefits coworkings bring are ranging from personal, mental and work ones. It could be a change that makes your work-life balance better!

What Is a Coworking Space?

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce A coworking is essentially an employer-agnostic office. Self-employed professionals and workers from different companies can all come to the same space to do their individual jobs. Think of people setting up their laptops to work in a coffee shop, but in a more traditional office-style setting.

Although every coworking is different, generally they offer the following plans:

  • Flex / Hot Desk: A flexible desk which you get to choose everyday upon availability in the open-work space.
  • Fixed Desk: A fixed seating place in the open-working space.
  • Private Offices: A private room in the coworking where you and your team can have their office.
  • Day Passes: A one-day pass for the working space. At Itnig Spaces, there is also a 10-day Punch Pass which you can use in a time span of 6 months.

Benefits of Coworking

Productivity Boost

Even though a coworking space is essentially an office, when you are there it does not feel quite the same. It feels like you’re in your living room, but with more people. You are also free of at-home distractions at the coworking space. The space adapts to your way of working optimising your productivity!

Financially Smart

It is widely known that having an office is quite expensive! There are many services to cover like water, light, wifi, etc. However, at a coworking space everyone chips in! The expensive bills are shared among many others and your membership fee does not change! It is also a way to only pay for the exact space you need. Finding the perfect office that can host you and your team can be a hard task. Coworking spaces make life easier.

Network Opportunities

Being in a building full of professionals who want to break routines can be amazing! The opportunity to talk and share with individuals who can be an asset in both professional and personal life is not something that happens often. The people can also share passions and interests and could benefit you or from you. It is a win-win situation.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Coworking spaces are here to solve you and your company’s office troubles. They want to find the best suiting option for your specific situation. They are also very flexible in terms of memberships, being pet-friendly, having bike and scooter parking and unmatchable amenities. These spaces are designed to be practical and effective.

Being in a coworking space can make your life easier. It is a solution to many aspects for professionals, small companies, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. They have many memberships that suit different work styles. The benefits a coworking gives cover financial, mental, professional and personal aspects in someone’s life. Try out coworking!

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