How to Master Startup Lingo Like a Pro

We know startup and entrepreneurship conversations can get a bit overwhelming with all the business and tech terms in between sentences. It’s happened to all of us as we start to enter this crazy startup world. More importantly, if you’re an entrepreneur talking to investors, for example, they’ll expect you to use and understand the industry’s acronyms or lingo.

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Why and How We Invest in Startups

Itnig is a startup ecosystem, we’ve created our own companies: Factorial, Camaloon, Quipu, and Parkimeter. We are currently focused on investing in early-stage projects, through our investment vehicle. We also have a coworking space for startups and freelancers, in which we also organize events. And we have a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, technology, and business.

What we do at Itnig!
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Startups Jobs in Barcelona: Working at Itnig

Work at Itnig

Startup jobs in Barcelona are definitely a thing now. These are really uncertain times but one thing remains for sure: the need for change. Startups, not only in Barcelona but around the world have shown great capacity to adapt themselves to take advantage of the situation, they have a survivor instinct. So, why wouldn’t you want to be part of a powerful startup team?

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