The New Itnig Fund & Other Startups News

At Itnig, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the news and updates flying around. This month, well it is all about Itnig, because we launched our new fund, and we cannot be happier!

We prepared a special podcast where Bernat Farrero, Juan Rodriguez, and Jordi Romero reveal the launch of the Itnig Fund. It is an early stage fund that aims at investing 100.000€ in, at least 20 startups, in the following months. Itnig Fund is one of the few funds run by active company operators who are open to share and exchange resources, knowledge, network and ideas.

Our board members at itnig fund
Itnig fund at our Pitch to Investors event.
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Working from home is possible

“Most companies in Spain were not prepared to send their staff to work from home”, but working from home is possible. We start the week with an interview in TVE with our CEO, Bernat Farrero and our Operations Manager Meritxell Viladomat, explaining the current WFH situation. Many companies have realized that working from home is possible and will cut in corporate offices. For those employees unable to work from home, Itnig offers coworking space with very affordable fees!

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