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At Itnig, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the news and updates flying around. We have a special surprise for you this month. On our weekly podcast, we had the opportunity to welcome Andrés Pla, Founder and CEO of Prontopiso, and talk proptech and more. You will discover an animated talk with Bernat Farrero (Itnig CEO) and Juan Rodríguez (Camaloon CEO). Moreover, you will discover startups news and other 2019 updates.

Itnig Podcast

As we mentioned, Itnig’s podcast welcomes Bernat Farrero and Juan Rodríguez for a talk with Andrés Pla, founder and CEO at Prontopiso. Prontopiso is a proptech business founded together with Antai (incubator by Miguel Vicente and Gerard Olivé) and has raised almost €9M to this point. Their goal is to intermediate in the merchanting of dwellings offering the owner a guarantee of sale and liquidity in less than 90 days.

Similar to the American Opendoor (with more than $1B in funding), they use an appraising algorithm to get a buying value and assume the purchase with their own balance and risk. They even offer the possibility to get €50K in advance.

If you’re a podcast lover, we have two more for you this month. In the second one, we welcome Nicolas Salame, former CEO of Akiles. In the third podcast, Bernat Farrero and Oriol Blanc are having a talk with David Jordan, from elrowFamily.

Startup Inside Stories Podcast

#74: Nicolas Salame, from Akiles

This week on Itnig’s podcast Bernat Farrero, CEO of Itnig, and Juan Rodriguez, CEO of Camaloon, talked with Nicolas Salame the 25 years old CEO of Akiles. Akiles, “A key less”, is the IoT SaaS startup that smartly manages physical access to offices and houses.

At his young age, Nicolas has gathered invaluable experience after studying two degrees and getting involved in the crypto ATMs company BTCpoint that would later become Verse. He was the CFO of the company until he left to start Akiles. Verse is a payments company in Barcelona that attracted talent, user traction and (too much) VC money quite early, and expelling the 3 founders out of the management.

Nicolas explains how they are targetting a huge universal market (b2b – mainly offices and coworkings) that is yet to start making a change. They offer a solution that provides an enterprise-ready backend for managing the service and an amazing app-based interface for users to open the doors. He defends that it is the combination of service and product that makes their customers instantly queue at their door after listening to their pitch.

With a 300k€ round they just closed and the new version of the device to be distributed in March they expect to eat the Spanish market even faster than planned.

#76 : David Jordan, from elrowFamily

This week on Itnig’s podcast Bernat Farrero (Itnig) and Oriol Blanc (Quipu) chat with David Jordanexecutive and entrepreneur in different digital advertising companies.

After a commercial career in multinationals, David explains to us how he began working for Softonic (founded in 1997) at the exact moment when Google started to punished its intrusive advertising politic (due to sponsored downloads). This led Softonic’s principal source of revenues to decrease by 50% (reaching €20M), leading the company to reduce its workforce by ⅔. All of this, according to David (15:22), is what allowed the company to reinvent itself and force it to look for new ways of monetizing its huge organic traffic.

However, David thinks that advertising, even though more sophisticated, keep being over 60% of Softonic business. As a result of this, Bernat discusses (25:53) the difficulty of being able to pivot efficiently the strategy of a company.

Oriol Blanc explains (29:30) what consists Billy Mobile, the Adtech company in which he was working as CTO and was collaborating with David. He explains the different advertising formats and the business models that they developed. Oriol and David tell us (35:18) why agility in the experimentation and technological implementation are way more important than the development of a single long-term strategy.

That is precisely what drove David to launch Jarvis (37:30), a mediation model of video advertising inventory which started with manual operations and without the use of technology, that rapidly grew (41:37) until being sold to Agile Content after a one-year lifetime.

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