How to Master Startup Lingo Like a Pro

We know startup and entrepreneurship conversations can get a bit overwhelming with all the business and tech terms in between sentences. It’s happened to all of us as we start to enter this crazy startup world. More importantly, if you’re an entrepreneur talking to investors, for example, they’ll expect you to use and understand the industry’s acronyms or lingo.

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What does ‘Product’ mean in a startup?

Bernat Farrero talks with three digital product leaders: Ignasi Buch, Product Manager at Typeform; Kike Alonso, Product Maker at Factorial; and César Miguelañez, Product Director at Factorial. Product people adopt all kinds of names, and it is a role that has gradually become a key role in any digital company. This interview explores what product means and what product makers do.

Product Makers - Itnig Podcast
César, Bernat, Kike and Ignasi – Itnig Podcast
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