How to Improve Lead Generation With These 6 SaaS Marketing Strategies

SaaS businesses need a steady lead generation to reach success. Doing that is much easier said than done, so companies keep implementing new ideas to generate more leads. The list of marketing strategies used for lead generation keeps growing every year, so there are many different things you can experiment with.

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Recurrent Pitch to Investors Events in Europe in 2020

Today, it’s possible to network in many events and meet potential partners or investors. Moreover, organizers have come to realize that creating an event where investors and projects meet is interesting for the audience as well as for the entrepreneurs. A few companies and events suggest nowadays the opportunity to pitch in front of investors in Europe and other parts of the world.

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Coworking Spaces in Madrid

You might already know how much we care about coworking spaces and all the advantages they offer. At Itnig, we work hard to provide the best space for startups and freelancers to work and grow. We’ve talked a lot about coworking spaces and the Barcelona ecosystem. Now we want to explore a bit about the coworking spaces in Madrid. If you’re looking for a coworking space in Madrid, hopefully, this article will help you find your place!

Itnig new coworking space in Barcelona
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Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Often overlooked by companies, employee engagement is one of the most essential tools you can have as an employer. In a corporate world focused on performance statistics, it’s easy to forget that keeping your employees feeling passionate about their jobs can be an effective way to improve your business. A committed workforce can lower staff turnover, improve efficiency, and even boost customer retention rates. All of this means higher profits and productivity for your company. Here are some ways to increase engagement while making your employees happier and more fulfilled at work.

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