Startup Q&A Session with Brant Cooper, author of “The Lean Entrepreneur”

Brant Cooper, the author of The New York Times Bestseller “The Lean Entrepreneur”, gave an insightful startup Q&A session at Itnig.

Brant Cooper about startups
Brant Cooper Q&A session at Itnig

Brant answers the following questions:

  • What does ‘brand’ mean for a startup?
  • How can a startup find its market segment?
  • Should a startup focus on a large market or a niche market?
  • How should a startup scale?
  • How can a startup get more users?
  • The problems of launching a product without being prepared
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Startup Initiatives During COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has become more than a health crisis, it’s causing all kinds of problems among society as we’ve seen in the news and experienced ourselves. As a result, many startups have expressed their willingness to help, either by trying to find solutions or making their products and services available to everyone. At Itnig, we’ve come across amazing startup initiatives, no matter the size or type of company!

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Live Streaming Event Platforms for Organisers and Audience

With the huge demand for live streaming event platforms, some startups have been very busy! The international crisis is making people from all around the world to ask for companies to stream live events

We found some platforms to either host or attend online events! They are easy to use and very practical. Here’s some information about each of the platforms and how to subscribe to them. 

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TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

Is there such a thing as TV shows for entrepreneurs? As a busy entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a Friends marathon as a priority (no hate intended, we love Friends).  Truth is between work, family, trying to have a social life and maybe even making it to the gym, time is limited for Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or whatever it is that you use to watch your favorite series. 

However, we strongly believe that a good tv series can be useful to disconnect for a while and even inspire and motivate you. We came across 6 binge-worthy TV shows for entrepreneurs and the startup community:

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Top 5 Tech, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Communities in Barcelona

We found great tech, entrepreneurship, and marketing communities in Barcelona! If you’re looking for after-work activities, you should consider joining communities that share your interests. Being part of a community is part of Barcelona’s culture. You get to learn about different topics, meet new entrepreneurs and projects, and also discover places that you never knew about.

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