Startup Q&A Session with Brant Cooper, author of “The Lean Entrepreneur”

Brant Cooper, the author of The New York Times Bestseller “The Lean Entrepreneur”, gave an insightful startup Q&A session at Itnig.

Brant Cooper about startups
Brant Cooper Q&A session at Itnig

Brant answers the following questions:

  • What does ‘brand’ mean for a startup?
  • How can a startup find its market segment?
  • Should a startup focus on a large market or a niche market?
  • How should a startup scale?
  • How can a startup get more users?
  • The problems of launching a product without being prepared
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Why and How We Invest in Startups

Itnig is a startup ecosystem, we’ve created our own companies: Factorial, Camaloon, Quipu, and Parkimeter. We are currently focused on investing in early-stage projects, through our investment vehicle. We also have a coworking space for startups and freelancers, in which we also organize events. And we have a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, technology, and business.

What we do at Itnig!
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How to Create a Working Culture That Drives Performance

Here’s the dilemma. Today, the business environment is fast-changing, competitive, and volatile. So, companies want their employees to be superheroes to cope with it. Often, leaders promote this goal by creating a performance-obsessed culture. And it can eventually lead to employee burnout and lower job satisfaction.

Leaders need to find a balance between achieving goals and keeping employees productive. This means creating a unique culture with a focus on both performance and employees` wellness. Building such a culture requires the leader to consider organizational and individual factors.

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Startup Initiatives During COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has become more than a health crisis, it’s causing all kinds of problems among society as we’ve seen in the news and experienced ourselves. As a result, many startups have expressed their willingness to help, either by trying to find solutions or making their products and services available to everyone. At Itnig, we’ve come across amazing startup initiatives, no matter the size or type of company!

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